Peace Prayer Flags in English - 5 Flags Set, 5x5 Inches

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This set of prayer flags includes 5 small prayer flags spelling PEACE when spread out. Each flag is a different color to represent the five elements (blue-sky/space, white-wind, red-fire, green-eater, yellow-earth) and measures 5x5 inches.
For centuries Tibetans have hung prayer flags on mountain tops, homes, stupas and temples. The prayers written on the flags are released out to the universe as the wind blows through them. As the images and prayers fade from the flags, they become a part of the universe. New flags are often hung on auspicious days and during celebrations. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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2 Reviews

3rd Sep 2015

Lovely prayer flag

Awesome & beautiful! Excellent price too!

30th Aug 2014

Love These Peace Prayer Flags

I am pleased with the quality of the flags and have them placed where I can see and enjoy them everyday.

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