Everybody’s Favorite: Singing Bowls

One of the most beloved implements used in Tibetan Buddhism, singing bowls — or standing bells — have become popular across the globe in settings other than Buddhist practices. There are many uses for and benefits of owning a singing bowl: sometimes used in music, by yoga instructors, elementary school teachers, for meditation, relaxation, and sound healing.

Photograph behind singing bowl pictured below entitled "The Eightfold Path of Joy" by Brian deRiancho

5 Inch Hand Hammered Singing Bowl

Singing bowls were traditionally hand pounded out of nice quality brass but today can also be machine-shaped of various combinations of metals, such as bronze alloys and are even made out of crystal. Hand-hammered singing bowls tend to produce lovely rich sound and usually hold their song longer than machine-shaped bowls. However, machine-shaped bowls are a great affordable alternative to hand-hammered bowls, also producing beautiful song. Singing bowls vary in size anywhere from a few inches across to 22 inches across — like the giant bowl we have in our Honoka’a shop — and even larger!

Photo below courtesy of Sarah Anderson Photography

22 Inch Singing Bowl

In Tibetan Buddhism, singing bowls are most often used for sound offerings, to hold food offerings to Buddha, and occasionally during meditation. It’s worth noting that singing bowls are much more commonly used in Western culture today than in Tibetan Buddhism.

Red Om Mani Singing Bowl

There is a note that corresponds with each chakra for use during sound healing work — Root Chakra/Muladhara, C note; Sacral Charka/Svadhisthana, D note; Solar Plexus Chakra/Manipura, E note; Heart Chakra/Anahata, F note; Throat Chakra/Vishuddha, G note; Third Eye Chakra/Ajna, A note; Crown Chakra/Sahasrara, B note. Sound healing has increased in popularity over recent years and is used to assist with ailments ranging from sleep disorders to depression and anxiety.

Seven Chakra Singing Bowl Set

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